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TAKIDINA JON - A drum concert!
photo by Ellen Schmauss


A drum concert for kids and families with Murat Coşkun
Guests: Malika and Yaşar Coşkun

Together with the drum youngsters Yaşar and Malika Coşkun, the renowned percussionist Murat Coşkun presents with “Takidina Jon!” the fascinating world of drums to his spectators. From time to time it is virtuous, with solos, just to lead into a musical abduction, accompanied by loud or very quiet sounds. Sometimes they sing songs- merry ones or sad ones- to get into a groovy rap in three languages. Now and then, unusual tones resound, or they drum wildly into the kitchen! There are short stories to laugh about and everybody is invited to participate at Takidina Jon!

An entertaining roller coaster ride of rhythms where you are cordially invited at the end of the concert to join and to play the drums with your own hands!

Malika Coşkun
          Frame drum, percussion, accordion, vocals
Yaşar Coşkun            Frame drum, percussion, accordion, vocals
Murat Coşkun           Frame drum, percussion, hang, vocals

Press reviews:

Festival “Fest der Begegnung im Burghof Lörrach”

„Even the first program number was an eye-catcher: together with Coşkun, his two kids entered the stage, the ten years old Malika and the twelve years old Yashar. The trio played enchanting tunes from the Balkan, which got an irresistible charm due to the voice of the little singer.” (Die Oberbadische, 27.01.2016)

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