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world percussion meets chamber music


The focus of this CD are arrangements of the miniatures for string quartet by composer Sulkhan Tsintsadze with motifs, dances and songs from Georgian folklore. In the arrangements, percussion is added as a reinforcing element, emphasizing the rhythmic-impulsive character of Georgian music without changing the main message and character of the music... read more ...

Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 € forwarding expences)

ensemble FisFüz - LALE - Colours of Eurasia

(Pianissimo Musik, 2019)

With „Lale – Colours of Eurasia“, the award-winning Oriental Jazz-Trio shows that there are still undiscovered sound treasures to be detected: in retracing the lines of the tulip, the three musicians detect melodies, rhythms and fascinating sound compositions from different eras. The journey takes them from the Balkans via Asia Minor to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, then finally back to Eastern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine. While the pulsating rhythms of nomadic equestrian people combine with oriental melodies, virtuoso improvisations or western harmonies, Lale defoliates herself in all her facets...  [read more ...

Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 € forwarding expences)

Masters of Frame Drums 
Glen Velez, Zohar Fresco, Andrea Piccioni and Murat Coşkun

(Pianissimo Musik, 2018)

This is the first common CD program of the four exceptional master percussionists. It reflects and emerged from their varied character facets, their diverse personalities and the multifaceted cultural backgrounds of the four percussionists. Above all, it is founded on their common vision and passion for frame drum playing.     read more...

Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 € forwarding expences). Release in April 2018!

Murat Coşkun - VISIONS - percussion between hands and mallets

(Pianissimo Musik, 2017)

When musicians think about their visions, it‘s not by means of words they convey them. They rather work with tones, rhythms, melodies, sounds or silence, in order to illustrate visionary feelings, thoughts, images and stories. On this CD, the percussionist and frame drummer Murat Coşkun brings his own visions to life, in entering in a dialogue with two great musicians and masters of improvisation, David Friedman and Arezoo Rezvani...   
read more ...

Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 € forwarding expences)

ensemble FisFüz - BONSAI - 20 years of oriental jazz

(Pianissimo Musik, 2016)

The Oriental Jazz Trio ensemble FisFüz presents the most important points of its musical journey- with greatest dedication and the maturity of 20 years. Ten pieces out of the last two decades of band history and eight CD productions are arranged in a new way on Bonsai. A well chosen cross section of rhythms and melodies out of the ensembles' work presented in a new vesture...   

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Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 forwarding expences)

Frames & Drums (Pianissimo Musik, 2012)

Murat Coşkun’s soloist studio debut is an expression of his musical experience, rich in facets and a superb mastery of his percussion equipment. The frame drums take of course first position here, practically at home in many various cultures – from Asia to the Orient, North-Africa and Europe as well as in South-America.

Murat Coşkun combines the rhythm language with his drums and manifold percussion instruments: Focal point is at all times the dialog. Two ideal guests and dialog partners are surprising on Coşkun’s solo CD. There is for one, Giora Feidman, the master of Klezmer music with whom Murat Coşkun enjoys a long standing and intensive “stagefriendship”.  And there is as the second one, the tuba virtuoso, Michel Godard of France ...


Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 € additional expences)

Firebird - Piano meets Worldpercussion

Marina Baranova & Murat Coskun (Pianissimo Musik/Edel, 2013)

„Piano meets World Percussion“ is the first common project of two expressive and much in demand musicians. It is an exciting musical dialogue between Marina Baranova, renowned not only as a classical pianist, and Murat Coşkun, a master of frame drums who is considered as as an expert in world percussion.
Baranova and Coşkun met for the first time on the occasion of recordings with the legendary Giora Feidman. This coincidence led to the creation of a duo program ...

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Price: 16,-€ (plus 2,50 € additional expences)

Merasim - Percussion Trio (Eigenverlag, 2012)

Merasim (Eng. celebration, ceremony, ritual) is a percussion project of the percussionist Murat Coskun together with the virtuous master drummers from Isfahan, Mohsen Taherzadeh und Maryam Hatef. The three musicians met for the first time during the Tamburi Mundi Festival in Turkey. They invite their audience to their own musical celebration. With lots of energy and fun, they masterly succeed in lending a vivid soul to their instruments and music. Although, they do not only scoop into their Turkish or Persian traditions. Their music generates a sensitive and spiritual deepness, far away from a too exaggerated spirituality, and thereby coalesces a link of pure life energy, concentrated seriousness and a good dash of humor.

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Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 € additional expences)

Ensemble FisFüz: Mozart im Morgenland

(Pianissimo Musik 2014)

Annette Maye – clarinets
Gürkan Balkan – oud, guitar, Gvoice
Murat Coşkun – frame drums, Percussion

The Turkish-German trio engenders an occidental-oriental body of sound, a fusion of Mozarts ideas with the Turkish musicworld of the court of the sultan...

read more....


Price: 16,-€ (plus 3,50 € additional expences)

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