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Frame Drum meets...
photo by Ellen Schmauss

Frame Drum meets …

Murat Coşkun presents his duo concert serial „Frame Drum meets…“ now for the forth year at the E-Werk Freiburg.
Every time on these occasions, he invites some special duo partner to a dialogue with his frame drums. These partners are companions, musical partners and friends from different projects with the most varying styles and latitudes.

In an intense dialogue, special musical encounters on an eye level do arise, as well as very extraordinary listening experiences, one does not often have the chance to witness.

The upcoming concert:

  • 17.12.2017- "Frame Drum meets..." feat. Francesca Santangelo (multi percussion)
    19 h, E-Werk, Freiburg


Short review to the last concerts:

  • "Frame Drum meets... Piano" - feat. Marina Baranova
  • "Frame Drum meets... Accordion" - feat. Enrique Ugarte
  • "Frame Drum meets... Mandolin" - feat. Avi Avital
  • "Frame Drum meets... Flamenco" - feat. Bettina Castaño
  • "Frame Drum meets... Ud" - feat. Gürkan Balkan
  • "Frame Drum meets...Tuba" - feat. Michel Godard
  • "Frame Drum meets... Hirundo Maris" - feat. Arianna Savall & Petter Udland Johansen
  • "Frame Drum meets... Guitar" - feat. Maurizio Grandinetti
  • "Frame Drum meets...The Winds - feat. Ian Harrison
  • "Frame Drum meets...Kanun" - feat. Muhittin Kemal Temel
  • "Frame Drum meets... Early Music" - feat. Freiburger Spielleyt and Ian Harrison
  • "Frame Drum meets... Syrian Music" - feat Samir Mansour (Oud, Voice)
  • "Frame Drum meets... Persian Santur" - feat. Arezoo Rezvani (Santur, Daf, Voice)
  • "Frame Drum meets... David Friedman" (Marimba & Vibrafon)


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