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Saladin and the crusaders– a musical journey into the Middle Ages with Jule Bauer and Capella Antiqua Bambergensis

Saladin and the crusaders– a musical journey into the Middle Ages

Capella Antiqua Bambergensis
Solists: Jule Bauer -Vocals, nyckelharpa/key harp
Murat Coskun – Frame drums, percussion

Walter von der Vogelweide praised him for his lordliness. His occidental adversaries estimated him a lot- there was no Islamic sovereign of the Middle Ages more famous in Europe than him: SALADIN.
800 years later, the Capella Antiqua Bambergensis with Murat Coskun and Jule Bauer draws a resounding musical bow between Orient and Occident. The times of the crusaders, the fabulous stories of SALADIN, his musicians and the eternal fight around the holy city of Jerusalem are again coming alive on this musical journey into the Middle Ages. It opens a window into longtime departed centuries. During their concerts, the Capella Antiqua Bambergensis (Andreas, Anke, Wolfgang and Thomas Spindler) makes resound more than 40 medieval instruments- bag pipes, bladder pipe, key harp, hurdy-gurdy, flutes of different sizes, harp, cornetto und percussion. They always attach great importance to the authenticity of these instruments. Many of them where manufactured into the factory of the Capella-member and instrument builder Andreas Spindler.
Murat Coskun scoops his musical inspiration out of his own tradition, the Turkish-Oriental music. At the same time, he uses all the elements of the old and new music of the Occident and unifies them with rhythms and melodies of the traditional Arabian music.
Jule Bauer is a virtuoso on the key harp and bewitches with her wonderful voice. She lets the Andalusian cantigas resound also virtuous as the Arabian tunes from the Orient. It is her great merit, that the medieval key harp in Germany again is known and loved as a virtuous instrument.

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