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Duo Hille Perl and Murat Coskun

(photos by Uwe Arens and Ellen Schmauss)

HERE AND NOW - Duo Hille Perl & Murat Coşkun

Hille Perl (gambas, electric gamba)
Murat Coşkun (percussion, hang, voice)

Hille Perl, a star on the viola da gamba and Murat Coşkun, world percussionist with the finest finger technique, are connected by many common concert trips, own musical projects and several concerts together with the Freiburger BarockConsort. For the first time, they now concert as a duo with their concert program Hier und Jetzt- Here and now. Being masters in their art, versatile in baroque music and improvisation, the two passionate musicians present refreshing interpretations from composers of the times of the renaissance in Spain and England, taking trips in the world of Osman rhythms and arabesques. This musical encounter of the two unpretentious artists is full of vivid enthusiasm, when it comes to interpreting wild chaconne dances, or it can be full of English melancholy, moving to tears when hearing the play of the gamba.

In a tension field between notated music and the art of improvisation, in a spontaneous direct communication, the duo acts in a unique way and thereby creates fascinating sound moments.

Although it is music from former times and foreign lands, the audience can sense the here and now together with the musicians, can experience the music as vivid and intense, as it was played in those days, but yet so unusual as it might never be heard at that time.


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