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photo by Yoshi Toscani
Cecen kizin rüyasi

Solo concert "Fingerdance"with moderation

Drums and rhythms ever since exerted a great effect on human beings: whether mystic, dancing, ritualistic, secular, musical, ceremonial or functional – mankind ever since has been surrounded by rhythms.

In this moderated concert, Murat Coskun undertakes a historic, ethnographic and musical journey into the Middle East. Apart from the instruments and rhythms introduced in this versatile program, Murat Coskun tends to illustrate the musical traditions of the different cultures in the Middle East embedded in their historical development: whether it be the Ramazan drummer strolling through the streets proclaiming his wakening call, the Sufi drummer drumming himself into trance, the Darbuka player who accompanies a dancer on a wedding party or the shadow player giving life to his puppets by means of their dance.

Limping rhythms from the Black Sea meet ardent rhythms from East Turkey. Several centuries old classical rhythms have to face with modern rhythms, however, everything is determined by the linking elements: rhythm and drums, virtuous and spiritual, as well as inspirational and magic.



Press commentaries:

"Fingers like graceful dancers, fingers like little demons in a wild shadow play...”

"The flying fingers swirl from one rhythm to another, with their subtle movements, they make the drums vibrate and weep.”

Badische Zeitung, 4/2001

"The drum tells the story of a homesick girl, recently married, now living with her husband far away from her parents. So the drum is crying out, it is agonizing, we can hear the sound of pebbles rattling over a field, symbolizing the vastness between her former home and her new life. Buzzing, spinning, noiseless and then roaring again, just like the feelings they are to represent (…).”

Maintal 09/2013


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